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PECKY Designer Highlight: Verellen

PECKY is proud to carry Verellen upholstery of Belgian design and American know-how. Each piece is handmade with artisan details, the picture of comfort and beauty uncomplicated.


Have you ever fallen head-over-heels in love with a piece of upholstery? That’s the sort of cupid’s-arrow experience Verellen offers. Literally (so comfortable) and figuratively (so sexy). Verellen concepts, designs and creates objects of desire for the home.

The Verellen story started in Belgium. Antwerp specifically. An old-world city famous for modern design. In a country where the old and the new – modern and traditional – are in natural harmony. And respect for Planet Earth is part of the collective unconscious.

Fast forward light speed (it’s the modern way, after all) to High Point, North Carolina, where furniture-making knowhow is hard-wired and talent abounds. Today High Point is home to Verellen world headquarters. For it’s there that Tom and Sabine Verellen have recruited an impassioned and creative team of Verellenites and built a modern factory with a human touch. Verellen designs and makes upholstered furniture like no one else. We invite you to sit and see.

Conceived in Belgium. Perfected in America. But, where can you find Verellen in the here and now? Our upholstered works of art are available at fine retail stores, design studios and independent interior designers throughout America and the world.

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