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Come join us on Thursday, January 19th in our showroom for a Jennifer Miller jewelry trunk show.

Jennifer Miller collaborates with some of the most well known and respected designers from around the world. She is renowned for having the most exclusive and well edited collection of fine and faux jewelry, as well as a phenomenal selection of handbags, home accessories and clothing. Jennifer Miller Jewelry is regularly featured on the trend pages of magazines, national television shows (TODAY and The View), and worn by celebrities from the red carpet to the White House. Women trust Jennifer Miller to create a personal jewelry style for them that will complete their individual looks, make a statement and be versatile.

Can you say you’ve watched an artist paint an original work of art—in person?

This is your chance! Come out to PECKY Monday January 16th to meet artist Kevin LePrince and watch as he paints an original piece.


Kevin LePrince’s paintings are reflective of his native home, Charleston, South Carolina. LePrince breaths a sense of personality into his depictions of wildlife, marine life and other critters with bold brush strokes and luscious texture. Giving life to blank canvases remains the goal behind every work of art. American Art Collector, Southwest Art, the Art Mag, and other publications have all featured LePrince in their pages through the years.

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