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New Palm Pillows + Floridian Style

New PECKY pillows have arrived and we’re loving the palm prints and their fully Floridian vibe. Check out this article from House Beautiful, 12 Signs You Decorate Like a Floridan  and see how your style compares. We must admit, we’ve been found guilty on more than a few.


12 Signs You Decorate Like a Floridian

You’re from the Sunshine State, where there is never a shortage of seashells and palm trees to inspire your home’s style. By Sarah Bray

1. Your home is either painted Palm Beach Pink, Sea Foam Green, Tropical Teal, or Ocean Blue.

2. Palm trees not only grow outside your home, they grow in it.

3. Your dining room table is in your backyard. Your backyard is the ocean.

4. Lounging poolside is more or less your life. Admit it, you’re basically living in a Slim Aarons photograph.

5. You’ve never met a palm print you didn’t like.

6. At your home, baskets are for beach towels and bowls are for oranges.

7. Parrots, coral and sunshine are your favorite vignette combination.

8. Your backyard is always green and your swimming pool is always warm.

9. Your home’s color scheme was inspired by the late, great Lilly Pulitzer.

10. You love seashells.

11. You collect seashells.

12. There can never be too many seashells.

photo 1

New PECKY pillows

photo 2

New PECKY pillows

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