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Furniture with Outside Seams 

Marsha Fottler by Marsha Fottler | Posted Sunday, September 28, 2014 4:06 pm

Last year at a designer showhouse, Sarasota-based interior designer Patricia Estes installed a contemporary living room with some unusual upholstered chairs. The seams were on the outside and they were prominent. It was as if some of the touring guests had decided to wear their clothes inside out. Patricia’s room caused quite a lot of comment and since then people have been coming into her design gallery, called Pecky, to check out chairs, sofas, ottomans, pillows and stools that wear their stitched-up seams on the outside with pride.


This is a trend that follows the fashion runway and is a way of taking something classic and formal and relaxing it so the dress or coat is more modern. And fun. The line of furniture that has seams on the outside is from Verellen and designer Estes is convinced that their pieces are of premier construction and the workmanship is of the highest quality.

The look is young and fresh and modern. Fabrics range from Belgian linen (always popular) or cotton, to several grades of leather. Outside-seam upholstered furniture is not for everyone, but you’d be surprised how quickly you can get used to the look and find it appealing. Just one or two pieces in a room should do it. If you’re interested in creating a deisgn attitude in your home that is fashion forward, there is every reason to consider this line of furniture from Verellen. Patricia can help you use the pieces to maximum advantage in your home.

Patricia Estes, Pecky, 100 Central Ave., Sarasota. 941-957-0300.