PECKY Designer Highlight: Christopher Spitzmiller

Come see the beautiful work of Spitzmiller at PECKY.


Christopher graduated from St. Lawrence University in 1994. He continued his fine arts study at the Rhode Island School of Design and at Central St. Martins College of Art in London. He draws inspiration from classical form and traditional glazing techniques. He began his career in Georgetown in Washington, D.C. where he worked out of an old school house near Dumbarton Oaks. In 1995 he had his first one man show of Pottery at Kinsey Marable & Co. The show and his works received critical acclaim and his reputation as a noteworthy ceramicist began to emerge. In the summers he worked from Mecox Gardens in Southampton, as an artist in residence and such designers as Albert Hadley, Richard Keith Langham and Suzanne Rheinstein began to commission his work.

Since 1996, Christopher has been concentrating his efforts on his unique lamp designs. In the fall of 1999 after outgrowing his Washington studio he moved his studio to New York City where his crew of six skilled artisans create his one of a kind lamps. The lamps are of timeless appeal and luxurious quality. Beautiful classic forms are drenched in bold vibrant rich glazes. Each one of a kind lamp is set in a hand turned hardwood base, which is water gilt with 23k yellow gold or 9k white gold for a silver finish. The bases can also be finished in mahogany or enameled for a laquer like finish. The large lamps are fitted with adjustable double clusters and the smaller ones with harps and dimmer switches. All come with an off white vellum paper shade.

Chris-at-the-Wheel Glazeware-b Glazing-b turning

PECKY Artist Highlight: Kevin LePrince

PECKY is particularly known for our charming logo, named the PECKY bird, which artist Kevin LePrince created. Clients are falling in love with the artists’  work, ordering custom paintings and admiring each piece that arrives at the store and taking them home.

After spending 12 years in the securities brokerage industry, Kevin LePrince left his position as a vice president with Wachovia Securities in 2003 to pursue painting full-time for one year. Fortunately one year became over a decade and none of it ever described as “work.”

LePrince’s paintings are reflective of his native home, Charleston, South Carolina. The majority of his impressionist landscapes capture that late afternoon feeling of being on the water. Many of the works are reminiscent of the way in which time flies by and in the process steals the light from the day.

LePrince breaths a sense of personality into his depictions of wildlife, marine life and other critters with bold brush strokes and luscious texture. Giving life to blank canvases remains the goal behind every work of art.  Observers of his art often times see the characters in them as clearly as they see the individual members of their own family. The thick and luminous nature of the oil paint combined with his impressionist painting style infuses a sense of cheer and family into both the works and the walls they adorn.

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Handmade Dinner and Serveware at PECKY

When PECKY owner Patricia Estes spotted this unique dinner and serve ware, she knew she needed to bring it home to clients. Each piece is handmade in New York with a bisque colored stoneware exterior that shows the potter’s marks, and an interior of bright pattern, texture and contrast, in fine porcelain.

Painting through textiles and lace, using liquid porcelain to produce a distinctive, textural result, creates patterns. The base of warm, natural stoneware juxtaposed with vibrantly colored and patterned porcelain surfaces achieves the casual yet sophisticated look.

Each product is kiln-fired to extremely high temperatures for great durability and products that are food safe and dishwasher safe.

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Keep Calm and Hire an Interior Designer

In case you haven’t heard, PECKY is offering complimentary design consultations June through August for those with a Florida driver’s license. So keep your cool, and let our talented team take care of the rest from picking out paint colors to total redesign.


New Nautical Art

PECKY is now carrying the chic, nautical art of gyotaku, perfect for beachside residences and downtown Sarasota condos alike. Gyotaku (gee-yo-tah-koo) is the Japanese art of fish printing, originated in Japan thousands of years ago as a way for fisherman to record the exact size and species of the fish they had caught.Each print is one of a kind, original artwork, hand painted from real fish onto Japanese rice paper, canvas or linen.

CUSTOM PRINTS (sizes and colors are available!).

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with Simon Pearce


Orange is the New Black

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Custom Orchid Home by PECKY + Estes Recovered Lumber

IMG_3516 (2)

Let PECKY design and build a custom orchid home for your property.

+ Did You Know?  by Southern Living 

– Moth orchids are the most popular orchids in America.

– If you love vanilla, you already love orchids. This spice is derived from the fruit of the vanilla orchid.

– Orchids compose one of the largest groups of plants in the world with up to 30,000 species.

– To learn more about the fascinating world of orchids and the passion they can induce, read The Orchid Thief by Susan Orlean.

– The American Orchid Society (AOS) is based in Delray Beach, Florida. For information on orchids, local societies, and shows in your area, visit

Timeless and Treasured: Engraved Simon Pearce

PECKY has a whole host of great gifts for grads, dads and especially brides and grooms. Here are some of our favorites, which include engraved Simon Pearce glassware. Customize   beautiful bowl, champagne glasses, striking ice bucket and beyond all handblown by Simon Pearce artisans with your choice of engraving. We also can ship directly to the recipient for you, making this an easy, yet memorable gift.



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